A Long Run in Images

I’m short on words today, but I have an excuse. Those 17 miles I ran has something to do with it. All I can seem to do is eat. I ate breakfast and lunch within an hour of one another. I normally don’t take photos on a run, but this felt more like an adventure. I wasn’t in a hurry for afternoon plans, so I really took my time. These are in order in which I ran past them. Included are fun run tips if you are thinking of ever running this distance (not recommended).

Santa Monica Airport

Tip #1= Route your run so that you get the ugly part over first. Any of the crowded streets, the brunch places that will be packed, the lame billboard views–get these out of the way early on. There is nothing that irritates me more than trying to finish a run while sadly passing what looks and smells like AMAZING brunches. People are slowly sipping their coffee and IT IS TOO MUCH. Also, these are the easier of the miles. You won’t need beautiful views or peace. Above is the Santa Monica Airport, which was really the only thing of interest in the first 7+ miles or so.

Hula Hoop, Venice Beach

Tip #2= Avoid the ocean boardwalk at all cost. I didn’t follow that today, but at least I got to see a guy with a giant hula hoop on Venice Beach. You would think this would be prime running territory, but it is crowded with people that have never been on a bike before & they could kill you. You would think you would be close to the water, but there is so much sand!! So I didn’t stay here too many miles. Off to the roads less traveled…

Venice Canals

Tip #3= Take this opportunity to be a tourist. You don’t have to worry about parking! Today I visited my favorite Venice Canals. It was quiet and peaceful and only lasted about a quarter of a mile, but it still injected some much needed scenic/quiet moments.

Marina del Rey

Tip #4= Go to your old hood! It will feel like you’re running your everyday run, not like you’ve been running for 11 miles. It helps when you used to live next to a bunch of boats because boats are really pretty to look at! And look what I did here–made it all black and white and mysterious.

Ballona Creek Bike Path

Tip #5= Find a quiet bike path to do the last half of your run. There are not that many people to deal with, and there certainly are no smells of brunch. The Ballona Creek bike path is one of my all time favorites in L.A. It goes under all the streets, so you don’t have to stop at lights or anything. Although at this point, you are begging for a red light.

Bike Path, Culver Blvd

Tip #6= Get off that path! And find another path that DOES have red lights you must stop for. Because you will want to stop. At this point in my run, I wanted to stop every other second. So a dirt path (not too hard on the legs) & lots of stopping helps get the job done.

Scary Mickey, Culver City

Tip #7= Stay away from scary Mickeys in the park (and birthday parties, bbqs, other things that are way too weird and overwhelming when you’re in a very tired, spent state). It was next to my water fountain, though, which is also good to have on your long run.

There you have it! Happy Sunday! I’m going to go eat more things now.