Things to be excited about this weekend…

Yes! Hooray! It’s Friday. I’m less than an hour away from leaving work & beginning the weekend. Here’s what I’m excited about:

#1) The Bluegrass Situation: I get to go to a concert! With 4 bands! That I don’t have to pay for! And it’s bluegrass. This is the ultimate feel-good music for me. The instruments make me feel like home. Speaking of, I do have a banjo at home now! No, I can’t play it.

#2) My last really long run before NYC marathon: I will have to do something exciting to get myself through these 16+ miles. A new route? New playlist? Not sure yet–but I’m actually looking forward to all that time outdoors.

#3) The beach is in the plans. Always a good idea to say hi to the ocean every once in awhile.

#4) Football. I thought I would never say that, but I play Fantasy Football now & I’m undefeated. So yes, GO FOOTBALL!

#5) Sleeping in. Actually, this is just a pipe dream. I don’t know how to sleep in. I haven’t slept in past 7:00am in years unless I’m on a new time zone. But I like the idea that if somehow I needed to, I could.

#6) Super Soul Sunday. Thank you Oprah for coming to visit me on Sundays. I miss your weekday show terribly, but this will have to do. Remember when we went camping and you fixed us all Moscow Mules? Oh Oprah.

There’s your short FRIDAY entry for you. I’m sure you’re busy gearing up for your awesome weekend as well. Have a good one!