Things that annoy me. (Oprah, please don’t read this. I’m grateful. Always. For everything.)

So, I was writing a perfectly good post this afternoon when I lost internet connection & it was all gone forever. Annoying. Now I’m out of material, and I have a deadline (now I SO FEEL what Carrie Bradshaw was going through all those years with that column). So let’s make this short and sweet. Although I aim to be eternally grateful for everything all the time–you guys know how HARD this is!

Things that annoy me:

#1) On my commute home when I get onto the 10 freeway, I have about 1/4 of a mile to move over 3 lanes. This means 5 days a week, I have to beg for people to “let me in.” It’s like my past love life on repeat.

#2) Communal tables at a restaurant with music blaring–this is apparently the hip thing in L.A. now. Let’s all eat together, but we will play music at such a volume that means there is no way to actually understand anything anyone is saying. No, I don’t want to eat with you. Get me a private, dim quiet booth any day of the week. My mother was at one of these on a recent visit, & there was an EARTHQUAKE–but everyone at our table just assumed someone shoved the table over a little. This is the sign your restaurant is too loud.

#3) Pharmaceutical advertising–I think I watch a LOT of old people television (no offense to old people) because all I ever see are ads for various drugs. I’ve heard the word Warfarin and COPD thrown around all over the place & yet really have no idea what any of it is for. My new favorite is a medication for bipolar disorder called LATUDA. Great to hear voice-overs say anything sounding like “toot-ah” over and over again.

#4) Off topic talk at meetings. I really do care about your weekend, but let’s do the meeting first and THEN you can tell me all about it. Or more likely, I will run away from you before you get to. I have been in way too many 2 1/2 hr meetings, and in conclusion: they should be banned. Amen.

#5) “No chip” nail polish from the drugstore. IT’S NOT TRUE!

Is that enough negativity to end your Monday night? It really did take me like 2 hours to come up with this many things, which means my life is overall pretty swell.