My Tour de Cure: support me!

I got a really touching email from my dad today about fundraising for the American Diabetes Association. First, you should know my dad is awesome. Also: I’m biased. But other people will most certainly agree with me. You can read more about him on my Father’s Day post. He has also been suffering from diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage) for way too many years. I can’t tell you what it feels like, but these are the words my dad used today:

When my feet are numb or burning and every step feels like I’ll lose my
balance, it is very hard to leave my safe haven or focus on anything
but the pain. And the medications for pain I take makes me feel like a
zombie all day.

My dad doesn’t talk much about his pain and rarely complains. I have seen him hurting though, and it is heartbreaking to see someone I love go through that. It is especially hard when you feel helpless to stop it. I started running after my dad was diagnosed, and I haven’t stopped since. When I’m racing and it hurts and I feel like giving up, I think of the pain he feels every day of his life. I am so grateful to have my health. I am so grateful I can run, bike, and swim & make it to work the next morning. I am a lucky lady. My dad is asking for just “a buck” to help raise funds for the American Diabetes Association, but I owe him way more than that (literally!). So I’m riding the Tour de Cure this April in Long Beach in his honor. I’m riding 100 miles, which I’ve never done before (not even half that!), so I’m sure I will once again be in pain!!! I hope you can follow the below link and donate to the cause. Also, there are races this spring all over the country, so if there’s one in your area–join in the fun! If you’re in L.A., come out to Long Beach. You can ride as little as 10 miles to show your support!
Click here to donate!