Voting time!

I love voting. Even though it made me super late to work today (life is soooooooo hard!), I loved seeing the lines. I loved that even though she’s voting differently than me, my mom is volunteering at the polling places today (workin the poll, mom!). I love my liberal younger brother posting on Facebook. I love the work lunchroom arguments about porn workers wearing condoms (NSFW!). I even enjoy the pre-voting research that makes me feel like such an adult. Umm, are they really letting ME vote on this? ME?

I’m not the best or the most articulate at expressing my views. I often get tongue-tied or get too caught up in listening to others that my voice sometimes gets lost in the mix. When someone challenges me, I usually have no clear rebuttal. In other words, I never took a debate class. I’m not a fighter (unless it’s Tae Bo).

I voted for Obama because he makes sense to me. I’m surrounded by liberals out here in California, so it’s a discussion that’s rarely even had. In Texas, I come home to “No Socialism” signs in the yards, and I feel like I’ve landed in some strange world. I used to believe in the American Dream, but I don’t anymore. I have spent much of my adult life working in poverty stricken neighborhoods, and I know now that you can work really hard and still not get ahead. Some people start so far behind the rest–in a system that doesn’t support their growth–, and we call them lazy if they are unable to pay their bills or make an independent life for themselves. I voted for Obama because he recognizes these inequalities in the system. The 47% video from Romney will never be erased from my memory. Obama is the more progressive thinker, and that is what I think our country needs.

I know there are so many other “issues” you could focus on when casting your vote. But the truth of it is, you can vote for whatever reason, cause, or belief you want and that’s the beauty. Like many of you out there, there’s not much changing my mind. We have heard these two speak for way too long, and I bet the only thing we can all agree on is that at least this campaign will be over soon.

I hope you voted today, and I hope you’re wearing your sticker. I was so hurried this morning as I stood in line impatiently wanting it to be over, so I wouldn’t be late to work. My sincere apologies to all those progressive ladies who fought back in the early 1900s to make it so easy for me today. It is much appreciated.