And so my New Year’s Resolution comes to a sad end.

I wanted to prove you all wrong. I wanted to be the girl that keeps her resolution (though I had started to wonder about how long one was SUPPOSED to keep a resolution…just for that year, for the rest of her life?), but bronchitis got the best of me. Well, for one week anyway. It just became a little absurd that I was jumping into a cold pool with a terrible chest cold for my “health.” Now the burden has been lifted. I can swim as little or as much as I want from now on. I can tell you about it or not. I’m happy that it definitely got me out to the pool more than any other year, but I’m so relieved that I can be more flexible about it from here on out.

But back to this bronchitis–it is no joke! I often just pretend I’m not sick when I’m sick, and I’m over it fast enough. But man, just like that horrible spider bite from June, some things will really get your attention & force you to slow down a bit. I tend to get sick the last week of our sessions, which is really bad timing because it is when everything in every class culminates. It is really a horrible time to take a sick day, so instead–I got away with just taking one & still managing to survive the week. My voice, sadly, was not taking it well. It was all I could manage to get up, shower, make it to work, and drive back home everyday. I had to skip a basketball game I had been looking forward to (and paid good money for) all season. More disappointing than that, I had to cancel my trip back home to attend my brother’s engagement party (and visit with a couple dozen family members in the process=priceless). Instead, I stayed home. And coughed. And coughed.

I’m lucky enough to have a week without classes & already requested the next two days off, so finally I’ve had some solid rest time. I am getting better in slow motion, with the coughing attacks limited to mostly mornings & sexy scratchy voice still in effect. I haven’t worked out in a full week, which hurts the soul–but always makes me so appreciative when I get to return full force to unlimited cardio. I’ve already been touch and go the last two weeks, so training is REALLY starting out slowly this year. I’ve got a good feeling about it, though. Sometimes big breaks end up being awesome for my training–both physically & mentally, so I’m hoping to start back later this week recharged. I had to reschedule the start of my big training program to next week, just to make sure I am completely well. But it has me looking forward to challenging training and racing more than ever.

I have always been so restless, but twice this year I’ve been stuck in bed for a week or more at a time. And all the fears I have about it: I’m missing out, I’m losing muscle-mass, I’m getting fat, I will never have ambition again, I’m living in a bubble!!–are always so ridiculously wrong. There was something wonderful about not having to get up over the weekend because that was my assignment–to lie in bed and get better, to say no to any invitation that came my way without guilt. I do incredible things that never happen in my regular life–I wake up, eat breakfast, & then go back to sleep–which I always thought was just impossible for me to do. I will have to make more of an effort to do this when I’m actually feeling well.

I’m heading to Denver this Thursday (let’s hope I’m completely well by then!), and I can’t wait to see my brother, sis-in-law, & Sam and Sophie. It’s pretty cheap and fast to get to Denver and back, I should really make the trip more often.

Hope you’re feeling better than I am & are enjoying the beginning of March. I’m super excited about the time change later this month–allowing me to get on my bike more on the weekday evenings! Hooray.