Now that the New Year is over, can I retreat to my bed?

I had higher hopes for the first week of 2011. Instead, I had returning knee issues, sore-throat, feeling of exhaustion, boredom run rampant, sadness upon my return to work– and lack of desire to leave my bedroom. Oh, and also a general dislike of people. Where is my positive attitude? Certainly not waiting for me in these “icy syrup center” Halls I’m sucking on right now.

I guess your life doesn’t like to be jump-started like that. Maybe it likes to ease into things. In good news, I decided to take a break from my Trainer. Most people would probably think of this is bad news. I have been working out with him regularly for 2 1/2 years, and he’s awesome. But he’s always challenging me. That is the point, right? Well, when it comes to building muscles, it has left me consistently sore. At least 2 out of 7 days of the week, I am sore. And that is a sign of progress, but it’s also painful. I also have a tendency to push through any sort of pain, which has only brought me injury. My knee is not terrible. I can do almost all my workouts without a bit of complaint. But when I start in on deep lunges, squats, Olympic lifts, etc–a soreness returns. And I KNOW that I will be better if I take a break from this stuff; I’m not going to spend my year of workouts and triathlons continually trying to get over what started out as a mild injury. So goodbye to the heavy weight training for now. I’m already worrying about what to do on my Mon/Wed evenings & wondering if my legs are going to shrink to little toothpicks (highly unlikely).

I’m going to get some Active Release Technique therapy on my knee Tuesday with a new guy–and hopeful. And I DID make it to the community pool twice this week, and both times felt great. I went to the doctor about my sore throat, and it turns out (thank goodness) it’s not strep. Hey it’s the new pro-active me! Who just wasted $20 at the Dr’s office! 🙂 I just feel a general *blah* feeling–the kind that keeps me from getting outdoors on my bike in the sunshine. Instead, I want to nap, and read, read, read.

Hopefully my general laziness (are my clean clothes lying on my floor right now, waiting to one day be hung up?) will subside soon & I can hit the ground running (or at least jogging). It’s probably coming back from holiday that’s so hard. Is anyone else feeling it?