A new look. Classy. Sassy.

So, I’m trying out a new look on this site. Of course, it brought down my website for a couple of days–it’s the price you pay for a quality make-over. I think this makes it look like I’m really a talented writer (and not just some hack that likes spilling the details of her training sessions with no one in particular).

I’ve continued to get the hang of off-season, and put my mind at ease with the last article I read on it last night which stated, “Whatever you do, don’t try to hold on to late season fitness” and no “highly structured workouts.” My knee has also been forcing me to take it easy, though I made it to a sports massage on Friday–which finally allowed me to continue to do some lunges in the gym. I’m hopefully headed back this week for another one, just to make sure it sticks. It is just amazing to me that massage can actually transform what you may think of “joint problems”–it’s actually the scar tissue around it, or the tight muscles near the joint that are messing things up sometimes.

I’ve been mostly cycling and strength training, and tonight I’m actually putting in a yoga DVD which I thought would never see the light of day. It’s called power yoga, though, so at least it sounds tough. I can’t wait for my inflexible body to try this out! Just tryin’ to mix it up a bit.

And then tomorrow night I’m going to hear a lecture about “planning your season” & how to do that in a way that makes sense & build towards your best performance. I’m hoping it will give me some insight to the direction I’ll be heading in when 2011 rolls around. I also just got an email about a pretty intense swim program that I could get caught up in. I mean, I can’t do yoga forever.

You wouldn’t believe the social butterfly I’ve been without the rigors of training. Let me tell you, it’s just as exhausting as those 3 hour UCLA workouts. I went out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday–which must be some kind of record for me. Here’s the thing, though: there’s usually drinking involved & staying up late & eating bad foods–none of which I’m really all that into. For instance, my greatest joy today is knowing that I can be in bed by 9pm & I have not only a new issue of Runner’s World but a GREAT book I’m reading. This is better than people. OK, not really, but sometimes. When will I find my soulmate–who will either be equally inept at social occasions or understand my preference for literature & nature over human beings?

Yoga is calling me. I’m ready to be downward facing or whatever.