Breakfast. And whatever else this coffee makes me write.

I love food. I LOVE it. I love that something so simple can so quickly provide me with energy and happiness and joy. But BREAKFAST FOOD?!?! It sends me over the edge, just thinking about it.

I get to go in late to work Monday mornings (this semester only), and for the most part–I haven’t felt the extra time. I always schedule a workout at the gym, so basically I’m waking up early–drinking a protein shake & headed out the door for the day. But today, thank you Trainer for being out of town–I will do that workout you texted me eventually–, I actually slept in (and thank you sleep). I contemplated going on a bike ride in this morning, but then I thought about the idea of a real breakfast. Turkey sausage, eggs, toast & jam, and an iced coffee=BRILLIANT idea. It’s completely different when you’re eating a slow breakfast, too. You can savor everything and not be worried about blow-drying your hair at the same time.

My breakfast memoir looks like this: cinnamon toast, sausage McMuffin/hash-brown/orange juice, glazed donuts covered in sugar (I was a real health nut when I was a kid). Fast forward to adult life: various cereals (Kashi especially), oatmeal (for years!) w/ brown sugar & pecans, breakfast tacos, a veggie-packed (+avocado) omelette, waffles w/pecans (anything with pecans), scrambled eggs and toast, apples (of course). While I don’t do things like french toast or pancakes very often, I’m not opposed to other people enjoying them alongside of my breakfast. I like the looks of all breakfast food. I really like the looks of biscuits drowning in gravy (though the taste is underwhelming to me). I like when the coffee keeps on coming. I like the promise of the day ahead. In New York, I tried drinking mimosas and such for breakfast–but this just led to dangerous shopping expeditions in the city (did my friend just buy light up shoes? she did! hilarious!). Now I prefer my breakfasts completely sober. Unless it’s breakfast in bed, then I can always sleep the buzz off with a nap.

So, my moodiness from earlier in the weekend has been replaced with a stabilized happy vibe that will most likely last through the holidays (I love the holidays like I love my breakfast–and luckily, I have loads of slow, lingering breakfasts over the holidays). I am so eager for Texas this week. Wow, I’m looking down at my iced coffee…really in need of a refill.

I can’t write without briefly commenting on my workout week: I went for a 28 mile bike ride yesterday (prepping for some long rides I’m doing over the holidays). Cooler weather, but I was happy to wear all my winter biking gear that rarely makes an appearance in L.A. I was not happy for the extreme winds hitting me from all sides. I got an amazing ab workout just trying to stabilize myself & keep from falling off my lightweight bike. My shoulders were all tensed up from the stress of the ride, so I came home all exhausted (but happy). I went to my massage guy again this week. My knee is better, but it’s not totally well. I know I need to take some real rest, but it is so hard for me when I can do the sport itself without pain. I am running a 5k on Thursday–which I have not been training for at all, but oh well, I should burn as many calories as possible in order to truly enjoy my T-day meal. Otherwise, I’ll stick to swimming (ugh, let me tell you how NOT fun it is to be in the pool when it’s cold out…brrrrr) as much as possible for the next couple of weeks.

I’ve got a new mentor when it comes to being an athlete. Her name is Jessi Stensland & she’s a pro-triathlete & amazing. She’s all about looking at the complete package (strength, power, endurance, flexibility, nutrition, rest, recovery) instead of just mindlessly plodding away trying to get miles in (mostly how I’ve approached everything until this past year or two). Like all aspects of my life, I want to maximize my potential. And by following a traditional triathlon plan, it’s all about getting the hours in. She is about maximizing the hours you can realistically put in–and spending just as much time strengthening your muscles & working on technique–so again, you’re not wasting your time. I’m going to attend her Movement U series in Lake Forest in a few weeks. It’s a day long program for triathletes, and I know it will offer me guidance for the upcoming year. She’s very much about knowing why you are doing every workout you do–being an active part of creating your training schedule– and I’m the same way. I can’t wait for this!

I should really take a shower and put my clothes on. It’s 10am! I’m almost ready for another round of breakfast…


It’s Friday night, and I want nothing more than to hang out in my room–in my Winner’s Circle oversized sweatshirt from that duathlon back in September–drink a Sprite Zero & eat some popcorn in a special container that actually says “popcorn.” It was cloudy and cold out all day, and the rain is on its way. My body is craving rest and sleep and easy entertainment. Searching through my On Demand, my first instinct was the new documentary on HBO about post traumatic stress disorder in veterans, but I’m assuming that’s not going to lighten my mood. So I’m watching Tracy Morgan do some stand up comedy. In a job that is filled with tons of tiny voices and constant energy and movement, it is like a special treat to be home alone like this sometimes…with nothing that needs to be done, no one to answer to. I’m not really in a great mood, but I’m not in a bad mood. I’m in a “leave me alone” kind of mood.

I’m dreaming of the holidays. Next week will be a quick trip back to Texas to see all of my favorite people in a whirlwind of food and gifts and laughs and games and all of that. I can’t wait to be wrapped in all that comfort! Literally, my bed back home (I still have a bed!) is so comfy. And there are like 10 decorative pillows (I don’t have the patience for this in my own room) I get to toss off when I arrive. And then there’s Christmas–actually still in planning stages, but I’m starting it off with a solo mini-road trip/cycling adventure. I’m not sure anyone would recommend a cycling adventure in December (even in California, it’s not exactly warm), but I cannot wait! For those of you who have gone to work in the same place day after day, year after year, don’t you just CRAVE an adventure? My life itself used to be the adventure–juggling jobs, quitting jobs, moving, finding new jobs, etc. Now, at least once a week, I dream of road trips. If anyone is ever interested in joining me on a road trip, I’m always willing!

In exciting news, I’m finally starting a business idea I’ve been brainstorming for years. You can check it out at Entertaining Adventure. It’s a weekend party planning/entertaining gig, and I’m super excited about it. Well, now I’m moody, but tomorrow I’ll probably be excited about it again. It is so strange to finally be embarking on something that captures all aspects of me. As a little girl, I was very into being a business woman. Santa gave me a puppet stage–I changed it into a “ham and cheese” stand in the house, where I sold my parents slices of ham and cheese rolled up & kept together with a toothpick. I sold my records to my mom on our coffee table (99 cents). I sold refreshments before my “shows” in the living room. My lemonade stand lasted for three days, and when I was bored with the lemonade–I wrapped up popcorn in saran wrap & sold them as “popcorn balls.” (bought a New Kids on the Block shirt with the profits). I watched my dad run a successful business. It is something I pushed aside when I found theatre, but I think it’s always been in the back of my head. So, although it’s not my training/education, running a business feels like a very fitting next step for me. My parties will be full of active fun–and as you know from my triathlon tales, I’m all into that kind of fun myself. So anyway, I’m scared, clueless, and naive–but I’m eager to learn, grow, and challenge myself…so I will keep you updated. In the meantime, if you know anyone in the L.A. area who needs a party–please send them my way!

I’m crawling back into bed and watching some more T.V. Hopefully a good night’s sleep & a light work load tomorrow will put me in a better mood. I’m headed out of town Tuesday, so Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope your travels are safe (I’m trying not to think about the tiny United Express plane I have to fly on).

A new look. Classy. Sassy.

So, I’m trying out a new look on this site. Of course, it brought down my website for a couple of days–it’s the price you pay for a quality make-over. I think this makes it look like I’m really a talented writer (and not just some hack that likes spilling the details of her training sessions with no one in particular).

I’ve continued to get the hang of off-season, and put my mind at ease with the last article I read on it last night which stated, “Whatever you do, don’t try to hold on to late season fitness” and no “highly structured workouts.” My knee has also been forcing me to take it easy, though I made it to a sports massage on Friday–which finally allowed me to continue to do some lunges in the gym. I’m hopefully headed back this week for another one, just to make sure it sticks. It is just amazing to me that massage can actually transform what you may think of “joint problems”–it’s actually the scar tissue around it, or the tight muscles near the joint that are messing things up sometimes.

I’ve been mostly cycling and strength training, and tonight I’m actually putting in a yoga DVD which I thought would never see the light of day. It’s called power yoga, though, so at least it sounds tough. I can’t wait for my inflexible body to try this out! Just tryin’ to mix it up a bit.

And then tomorrow night I’m going to hear a lecture about “planning your season” & how to do that in a way that makes sense & build towards your best performance. I’m hoping it will give me some insight to the direction I’ll be heading in when 2011 rolls around. I also just got an email about a pretty intense swim program that I could get caught up in. I mean, I can’t do yoga forever.

You wouldn’t believe the social butterfly I’ve been without the rigors of training. Let me tell you, it’s just as exhausting as those 3 hour UCLA workouts. I went out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday–which must be some kind of record for me. Here’s the thing, though: there’s usually drinking involved & staying up late & eating bad foods–none of which I’m really all that into. For instance, my greatest joy today is knowing that I can be in bed by 9pm & I have not only a new issue of Runner’s World but a GREAT book I’m reading. This is better than people. OK, not really, but sometimes. When will I find my soulmate–who will either be equally inept at social occasions or understand my preference for literature & nature over human beings?

Yoga is calling me. I’m ready to be downward facing or whatever.