I’m actually really great at off-seasoning.

So, I’m two weeks into off season, and I have to say–it’s not so bad.  I wiped off my white board that listed daily workouts each week.  I left it blank.  The first week I only worked out 4 times, and this week I’m back to a more regular 5 times a week.  I have only a few rules at the moment:  don’t pay attention to miles/speed, don’t workout for more than an hour a day, and no hill work.  My body is pretty at great at determining what is or is NOT ok.  I had big dreams of endless trail runs in off-season, but my last week of racing–my right knee was feeling it.  I’ve had knee pain before & thought it was the end of my running.  I’m so dramatic.  Turns out, it’s always a result of an increase of hill work and/or tight quads that goes away when I take out hills & foam roll regularly.  So, no trails for the moment.  Instead, I’m sticking to mostly biking and swimming & some strength work.  The knee doesn’t actually hurt while running–only when doing deep lunges or on stairs, but I’m starting to learn that taking care of injuries early on saves loads of recovery time.

You would think the more you train/race, the more oblivious you are to things like balance or rest or fun.  But in my experience, it’s been so much the opposite.  Especially with triathlon, it has helped me to see how you can’t always be at 100%…that rest is just as important as training.  I used to find one race after another to run throughout the year–sure, they were different lengths & therefore my training looked different, but I don’t remember ever giving myself much of a break.  Or thinking “these next few months, it’s ok to be slow.”  And when January comes around again, the white board can fill up again & who knows–hopefully next year I can make even more improvements.

Today was very exciting because I didn’t get out of bed until 9am.  And instead of hopping on the bike, I had a cup of coffee.  Since my ride won’t be 2 hours long, I can still fit it in this afternoon & take it easy this morning.  It is a good feeling.  Sure, there is no high quite like those 2 1/2 workouts at UCLA this August, but this is nice, too.

I have begun to have a bit of a social life.  I did some pumpkin carving, went on a date or two, going out for Halloween tonight–and Clippers/Spurs game on Monday (not quite as cool as my dad and my brother seeing a WORLD SERIES game on Sunday).  It’s funny how out of practice I am, though.  There were several months of teaching and coming home to training and back again, so all of my communication was with a coach/trainer or with 5-12 yr olds.  I need some lessons on conversational skills.

I’m still working on the new business, and it’s moving along slowly but surely.  It’s all about finding pockets of time where I can get things done.  It’s a challenge, but it’s one that needs to happen.  I have a cool new logo (thanks Mike) now, so I will be promoting it like crazy in January.  Happiness!

Ahhh, November is on its way & with it one of my favorite holidays–Thanksgiving.  It’s one of the only holidays I actually understand and believe in (eating, giving thanks, yes–I can do that).  I’m going back to Texas, doing a turkey day run with my sister-in-law, seeing my nephew, niece, brothers & parents.  Hello!  I’m brainstorming strange trips for Christmas break (the Grand Canyon perhaps?).  I love the holidays.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!