Off My Feet, Part II.

So about a week ago today I went to the emergency room for a bite/infection on my foot (see Part I of the story).  Time for an update.  Well–on Thursday night, while the Lakers were battling it out with the Celtics in Game 7 of the Finals, I was getting my foot drained.  I won’t go into too much detail (but feel free to contact me & I’m happy to go into GRAPHIC detail), other than to say that numbing your foot HURTS.  I walked out really happy, though, because the doctor said that now I should actually see some improving.

Finally on Saturday the swelling went down pretty fast, and I could see my ankle bone.  I had a party for it.  It was good times.  And then I could see all my little veins popping out again, so I had a party for them, too.  I’ve never spent so much time celebrating my ugly feet before.  I went back to the doctor on Sunday, he took some gauze that was stuffed into my wound out & said from now on, I would just need to wash it daily, put a bandage on it & wait for it to heal.  Oh, and also–not walk.  And keep it elevated.  For two weeks.

Yikes, for some reason, I thought I would leave the hospital with the news that I was completely well again–throwing my crutches dramatically in the dumpster & skipping back to my car.  It took a minute (ummm, more like 24 hours) to adjust to the news that gaping holes in my feet don’t get better in a day.  Now, I’m not able to spend 24 hours a day in bed.  I’m just not mentally capable of it–especially when I’m feeling well.  But I know how important it is to get better, so I move as little as possible–drive to work, prop it up high on a desk & stay there until I climb in my car and go home.  Today I was able to work from home, so I didn’t move much at  all (though things like fixing a meal, taking a shower, etc. are quite an ordeal when you do them on one leg).  I can tell it’s getting better, which is quite a relief & at least I’m prepared for the reality that these crutches may accompany me on my trip to Texas next week.

I try not to think much about working out.  It just makes me sad.  So instead, I’ve moved my focus to other things–I actually have done some productive things.  I finally ordered my dad’s b-day present, booked some summer travel, ordered an AC unit for my room, postponed jury duty–stuff I normally don’t have time for because I’m always working/working out.  I finally started a higher protein eating plan I’ve been wanting to try for months (starting the day off with a shake!)–mostly because it can speed up the healing.  And of course, I’ve been watching quite a bit of TV, reading magazines, and wishing I had a great book around to read.

I’m getting used to the crutches, though I can never get used to the looks and sounds of pity all around me.  “Awwwwwww.”  Attention deflected ASAP, please, I’m just fine, nothing to look at here.  Alright, I’ll let you know how my next doctor’s visit turns out.  Happy Summer!