early on a Saturday morning…

Saturday mornings are (for whatever reason) the day I do my long bike ride (when I’m not racing the next day).  It’s my longest workout of the week, so maybe I like to get it over with really early on in the weekend–or by this time, I’m done with work and eager to get outside for a long stretch of time on the bike.  For whatever reason, it has become regular for me.  It means lame Friday nights.  I have to get up early because the later I wait, the worse traffic gets on my way home (and I hate traffic).  Some mornings I’m racing out the door, but today–I’m sitting here in bed with an iced coffee & my computer–feeling a little less than motivated (but a feeling I know I will get over in a 1/2 hour).  So why not WRITE about working out?

This year I bought a “triathlete training diary” 1/2 off at a bookstore that was closing (please don’t all close, I love you too much).  I’ve never kept one of these before.  The most planning I ever did was printing out a 3 month program, but it became too daunting to know every workout was planned.  So then I just went from week to week–with a general idea in my head of what I wanted to accomplish.  This year is a little different because I’m attempting longer distances at a faster pace, so I’ve got to put more time and more thought into what I’m doing and when.

So I have gotten pretty good at recording my workouts in it & also coming up with an “hourly” goal each week.  And this week, if all goes well, I’ll be hitting the 9 or 10 hour mark when it comes to weekly workouts this week.  Hooray!  It took forcing myself outside Thursday night after a long day at work, but my single motivating factor was “come on, you have to if you wanna hit 10 hours this week!”  So thank you training diary, for helping me to slowly up my training.  I’m seriously a girl of habit–so any kind of change must be taken on slowly…and I really have to take a look at where I can add a workout or lengthen one without losing too much of the rest of my life (geez, I could never train for an Ironman–the time involved in training is ridiculous!)

I am super excited about school ending in two weeks.  We then have a couple of leftover activities the following week & then a week getting ready for summer camp–so no true “break”–but a break from classes is really a mental and physical break for me.  Even if my work hours are the same, the energy I’m putting out there is much much less…leaving me with ample time to get my workouts in—hooray!  But right now, two weeks still seems like forever.

Elsewhere in life–things are strangely stable.  I feel like I am usually always chasing things (jobs, boys, dreams, race times, etc), but then I go through times where I just slow down.  Partly this is because teaching takes its toll on me, and I’m mentally done after work hours are over…and physically done after the gym is over.  But I love that this weekend really just involves me getting outdoors & enjoying it–and also maybe catching a movie or two.  Could I be advancing my career? my social life? etc?  Probably.  But after lots of chasing, there’s the hope that maybe if I just sit back for a moment & relax–it’s not the end of my world.  It doesn’t mean my life will be a stagnant mess (drama classes have taught me to be so dramatic).

Speaking of dramatic,  I had a mini meltdown after the gym Wednesday night.  It was one of those 6am-10pm kind of days, which I’m not a pro at.  I stubbed my toe really badly while doing some plyometric (hurdle jumps!) stuff at the gym & it was throbbing through all of my workout.  Plus, I had to get in a swim in afterwards–by the time I made it out–it was so late.  I went to Baja Fresh for a burrito to take home & made it to my car before the tears started coming.  A classic case of pity party, even though at the same time I told myself “you are lucky you are healthy enough to make it through a day like this”–sometimes, it isn’t enough to curb the emotions.

I give 100% focus to the kids from 8am to 6pm attempting to have 30 kids’ needs met all at the same time (it’s really loud).  I’m hyper-focused the entire time, moving around, answering questions, engaging my creativity, my intelligence, my experience & trying to make it all come together for a successful class.  There is no time for the internet, for phone calls, for day-dreaming, for lunch.  For this I’m totally grateful (I’m completely engaged! all day long!) and totally tired.  It’s not a complaint so much as it is my reality–and what I signed up for.  And you add in 2 hours at the gym after that, and well, there may be some tears.  But man, as soon as I stuffed that burrito down my throat, I felt like a new person.  So lesson learned: sometimes when you think you’re having an emotional breakdown, you are just really really hungry (I thought it was a good idea to go ahead and pay the $1.00 for the extra guacamole that night).

But it’s funny–as soon as the weekend rolls around, I’m pretty easy to transition.  I don’t sit around on my weekends (well, not usually) planning and preparing for work.  I’ve learned to separate the two, and so that’s definitely a balance I appreciate.  Did I mention only two more weeks of school? 🙂

So, enough stalling–let’s get on that bike!