Happy Mother’s Day to one of the few people that admit to visiting this site.

So I could go on and on here about how wonderful my mom has been since the day I met her, but a) I can barely remember what happened a few years ago, much less when I was a toddler and b) I probably wrote that post already at some point in my last 8 years of having my own website (at least I erase my entries all the time, so you have no proof).  So let’s stick to the past couple of years.  Because really, Mom, you just keep getting better.

My mom’s support shows up in about every way possible, but I can’t tell you how much it means to me when she comes out to my races.  This past year it has meant a trip to Vegas and L.A., and I’m not sure I could’ve finished the races like I did without her cheering me on.  Not only that, she seems genuinely interested in all the details of the race that consume my thoughts both before and after.  She literally walked a mile in the desert to meet me towards the end of my run in Vegas, and that right there says about all you need to know about my mom.  Especially when at that point in the race, I could only manage to greet her with mild annoyance.  In the marathon, she met me FOUR TIMES along the race.  If you knew L.A. traffic, especially on the day of so many road closures (and parking issues), this was really a more amazing feat than the run itself.  Not only that, but she gave me a goody bag before the race–including all the race day essentials that I may need (Mom, do you really think I will need THAT many band-aids?)

I’m lucky enough to travel back home at least 2 or 3 times a year, and I truly look forward to these visits.  My mom is about all the little things, like a fresh bouquet of flowers, new magazines sitting near my bed when I arrive, and fuji apples in the kitchen (sooo Martha Stewart…minus the prison time).  Who does these things if not your mom?  And it’s totally representative of how she “mothers” her kids and grandkids.  It’s never been in the least bit overbearing.  She doesn’t say “LOOK AT THESE FLOWERS, KRISTY! DID YOU NOTICE THE APPLES?” (I would TOTALLY do that, p.s.) She has somehow found the perfect role to play in everyone’s life and plays it perfectly.

Since I’ve moved away from Texas, Mom has endured many a phone call from me (usually weekly).  I say “endured” because I usually don’t talk very much, especially about myself.  But for whatever reason, my mom has developed a tolerance for my whining and will listen (or pretend to listen) at length to me as I work out my ‘career issues’ over the phone (thanks life coach!)  I always feel a little ashamed after our conversations (oh no! I talked for way too long!), but after her words of encouragement, I also feel much much better about myself and my capabilities in the world.  So I thank her for listening.  It’s an incredible skill to have (Grandmother was such a wonderful listener, too!), & I like to think it’s a quality in myself that comes forth when I’m working with kids.

There are certain qualities in my mom that I could never even try to emulate, so instead I just say thank you!  I will never be as smart, as modest, as thoughtful as my mom.  I hope to God I am funnier than my mom (just kidding, last comic standing, Mom!!!).  Certain similarities make me smile (and make us great travel companions): our mood swings when we’re hungry, the need to be in bed by 10, our love of reading,  & a general distaste for confrontations or drama (although sometimes when hungry, I can be dramatic).  So Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, I love you!  And also to all the other moms in my life (my amazing aunts, cousins, Grandma Edna, and friends):  I’m totally impressed at what you do.  It looks like a really hard job.  I’ll stick to being the “Crazy Aunt” for now, thanks.