Falling down. Literally, of course.

Today was my first official bike crash.  Now calm down, it was the slightest crash possible–my rear wheel came out of it’s position while I was making a sharp turn & I couldn’t get my shoes unclipped before hitting the ground.  In good news, everything turned out to be fine.  I had my bike shoved into my car recently, so I guess my rear wheel release loosened up somehow during that time.  I put the wheel back in it’s place, tightened it & was back on my way.  There are scrapes & bruises, but mostly I was left with the weird shock of being thrown to the ground without warning.  Luckily it was during a turn, so I was going pretty slow.

Well, that woke me up!  I’ve always been slightly fearful on the bike–I’m not really into the idea of downhills at 50 mph, etc…it’s scary!  But of course I’m a dork, so I actually like being a bit scraped up–makes me feel tough.  The funny thing is, I’ve fallen more on my runs than on my bike (ah, the curse of the clumsy triathlete).  But after about 15 minutes, everything was feeling like normal again.  So I guess I can fall and get back up again & it’s not the end of my cycling career.  Word to the wise: tighten your bolts!

Otherwise, my first week back in full triathlon-training mode was a good one.  I got in two bikes, two runs, two swims, and 3 times in the gym.  This sounds like lots, but we’re not talking lengthy workouts–the most challenging part for me is just getting myself out the door that many times (and the wardrobe changes involved! and the number of showers taken!).  It definitely puts me in a new zone–it challenges me, and I like it.  A day off work is best spent when I’m pretending to be an elite athlete: working out, eating, napping, working out again, eating again, etc.  I think: could this someday just be my whole life?  How do I make that happen?

Not much else going on.  I’m staying close to home this weekend (leaving town next week), so doing the normal chores…catching up on some work for school & doing my best to get a movie in this weekend.  Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!