Big Bear, Feeling Tired…

Happy Tuesday night!

It’s almost time for me to head to bed, but I passed out briefly after I made it home from work–so of course I’m not feeling as tired as I should…which will catch up to me tomorrow at 6…a vicious cycle.  Not really, I can handle it.

I finally made it out to Big Bear this past weekend & I loved the wintery escape.  It was all snowy and crazy weather, which made for wonderful snowboarding.  The first couple of times down the mountain I was very wobbly–but the last couple of runs it started to click.  I swear, next time around I’m going snowboarding for 3 days in a row, so I can actually be decent at it.  It is such a rush when you’re not falling every three seconds.  I also like the crowd at these places.  I even had a burger, fries, and beer for lunch–OMG! At least I didn’t resort to that crazy looking chili-cheese bowl.  I figured I burned all the calories on the slopes (and snow shoveling my car out of the driveway the next day).

It was good to forget about the marathon/triathlon training stuff for a weekend & just move my body in new ways.  It helps me to remember it’s not ALL about the next race or “season”–hey, a year ago I didn’t even know there was a “season” to racing.  For me, it’s about being outdoors & being active.  That’s key–the rest is added bonus.

So, back to trying out a longer run this weekend–so far, no achilles issues in the past 3 weeks or so.  I’m still running the marathon unless the achilles acts up again.  My parents are coming into town, so I’m thinking if I can’t do the marathon–there is a short triathlon in Pasadena the day before.  Maybe I’ll just switch events & still have the parents cheer me on!  But so far, I’m still aiming for the marathon.  Definitely the easiest training schedule I’ve ever had (will find out on race day how good/bad of an idea that is!).

In other areas of life–well, it’s the process of getting unstuck that is taking longer than I’d like.  I’ve been lucky enough through my life to have very few moments without opportunity and constant forward momentum (though there have definitely been those moments–especially in L.A.–where I thought “really?  this is what I’m doing with my life”–you know, delivering frozen meals & such).  But at the same time–nothing ever seems to fall in my lap, and I like it that way.  I like to work for things.  What is the next big thing?  Well, I will tell you when something actually clicks into place.  For now, know that I’m spending many of my evenings working for this to happen.  The other evenings, I’m probably watching Bravo or MTV.

Anyway, so sometimes I thrive off of activity & sometimes it just makes me want to sleep.  Right now, I’m sleepy.  I hate teaching days where people schedule things for you to do every second you’re not teaching (as if you don’t need a breather when you have a moment away from the students).  Teaching, teaching, meeting (shoveling food in), teaching, being interviewed about how much I love my job (seriously, do not do this kind of interview at the end of the day!!!) & go home! (or to Party City to get some masks for tomorrow’s project).  In a way it’s great because the day flies, but also this is how I fall behind on everything else in my life and at work…it is all just a blur.

But speaking of tired, it’s amazing how being tired from work & being tired from working out are two completely different things.  If I can convince myself I’m not THAT tired & make it to my evening workout, I usually surprise myself with how much energy I have left.  Today was my day off working out–but last night was at the gym & I had some really awesome moments.  I love when I’m pushed about as far as I can go–that’s the sign of a good gym workout to me.  Anything less seems pointless.  So I’m doing ridiculous “cleans” (what am i, a bodybuilder) with the bar & I think I can literally not get the bar up one more time…I have to try twice & can’t do it–but finally I get the strength & it feels awesome…the same thing with my front squats.  I faltered on one but recovered nicely to finish it off.  I used to make fun of weightlifters, but I get it now–it seems odd, but it connects so much to endurance sports…the mental aspect of it is just as important as the physical.

But man, I’m sore right now.  My neck doesn’t seem to want to move.  So, yes, feeling tired.  And it’s a 10 hour work day tomorrow.  Did I mention I’m ready for a change?

Have a great week & a Happy Valentine’s Day!